President Obama

President Obama begins airing a two-minute television appeal in Ohio and six other states today.

President Obama spoke with several supporters yesterday following a speech at Schiller Park in German Village. The supporters said they wanted to hear his position on U.S. trade policy with China.

President Obama is scheduled to campaign at Schiller Park in German Village on Monday afternoon.

Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney campaigned in Mansfield Monday and blamed Ohio's unemployment problem on President Obama. 

A new television ad from Mitt Romney's campaign is using Bill Clinton's words against President Obama.

Ohio's delegation to the Democratic National Convention has plenty of ideas on what President Obama should talk about in tonight's acceptance speech.

POTUS Stumps In Toledo

Sep 4, 2012

President Obama told a Labor Day crowd in Toledo that Ohio Governor John Kasich's remarks about the state's improved economy at last week's Republican National Convention does not mesh with the message of others in the party.

A Democratic super PAC supporting President Obama is releasing a new TV ad in Ohio and three other battleground states, aiming to undermine Republican Mitt Romney's appeals to middle-class workers.