Public Records

State Auditor David Yost says public records-related citations across the state fell last year, but some officials still need to work harder to comply with the law. 

Columbus Division of Police

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled records of most criminal investigations are public records once the trial is over.

Ohio Public Radio

State lawmakers approved a slew of measures yesterday before leaving for summer break.

Dems Suing Kasich, Taylor Over Public Records

Aug 15, 2014

Democrats are now filing a public records lawuit suit against Republican Governor John Kasich.

SUPCO To Consider Public Records Cases

May 27, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear arguments this week on two cases involving media requests to law enforcement for public records.

Ohio's Attorney General is offering to have his staff mediate disputes between local governments and citizens who are demanding they turn over public records. A.G. Mike DeWine talks about his offer in this interview with statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen.