Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

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Duke Energy and Columbus-based American Electric Power want to increase their monthly fixed charge that is paid before the meter starts running.


The German Village Society is asking the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to stop Columbia Gas from moving gas meters from the inside to the outside of 16 hundred buildings.

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State energy regulators are considering a new plan from Columbus-based American Electric Power that would allow the utility to increase rates for customers.


The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio earlier this week approved the second phase of Columbus-based American Electric Power's plan to install smart meters across most of its service territory.


An Ohio Senate panel has rejected the governor's pick for a seat on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.


Columbus City Council last night approved a 37 thousand 500 dollar payment to an Upper Arlington couple whose home was damaged by a natural gas leak and house explosion in March of last year.


Consumer groups are appealing the Public Utility Commission of Ohio's decision to increase rates to guaranteed profits for Akron-based FirstEnergy's coal-fired and nuclear power plants.


Ohio Governor John Kasich has ordered the creation of a hotline for oil-and-gas emergencies, and authorized two state departments to start setting it up.


The man Ohio Governor John Kasich has appointed to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is getting mixed reviews.

State of Ohio

The governor has named a new chair of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

State of Ohio

Just a few weeks after a controversial decision that federal regulators have now overturned, the head of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio  has announced he’s quitting. 

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says the controversial power purchase agreements allowing two Ohio utilities to impose short-term rate increases cannot take effect until the agency approves them.

PUCO Approves Utilities Plan To Raise Rates To Subsidize Older Plants

Mar 31, 2016

State regulators have approved a pair of deals that allow FirstEnergy and AEP to impose multi-billion dollar rate increases on electricity customers to subsidize some older coal-fired and nuclear power plants.

A new area code takes effect in central Ohio on January 30th. 


The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has fined Columbia Gas 200 thousand dollars for failing to properly disconnect a service line into an Upper Arlington home that exploded last March.

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Utilities, energy officials and environmental advocates are debating a proposal that would set the stage for the future of energy in Ohio.

A deal between an environmental group and Columbus-based American Electric Power could change the future landscape of energy generation for the company. 

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio investigators recommend Columbia Gas be fined 400 thousand dollars for a gas explosion that destroyed an Upper Arlington house and damaged others nearby.


The central Ohio region is running out of phone numbers using the 614 area code, so people who get a new phone number will soon have an all new area code to come with it.

State of Ohio

Ohio Governor John Kasich has appointed Andre Porter to lead the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. 

State of Ohio

Tom Johnson is resigning as chair of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio but will continue to serve as a commissioner.


The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has approved a request by Columbus-based American Electric Power to remotely disconnect the electricity of 132 thousand central Ohio customers who have smart meters but have not paid their bills.

Central Ohioans will see a new 380 area code introduced because the available phone numbers for the existing 614 code are expected to run out next year.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has rejected Columbus-based American Electric Power's proposal to guarantee profitability from two of its aging coal-fired plants.

State Investigating Cause Of Newark House Explosion

Oct 28, 2014
Newark Advocate

Newark fire officials say a neighborhood had a new gas line installed recently and some residents smelled gas in the days before Sunday's explosion leveled a two-story home on Pembroke Road and killed a family's dog.


Columbus-based American Electric Power customers could be charged if they decide not to accept one of the utility's "smart meters." 

AEP Seeks Rate Cut

May 27, 2014

Columbus-based American Electric Power is planning to cut rates for most residential customers by 12.6 percent.

The Ohio Supreme Court has temporarily blocked Duke Energy from charging customers for pollution clean-up at its deactivated manufactured-gas plants.

Gov. John Kasich has picked a former state budget director and lawmaker to be Ohio's top utility regulator. 

State regulators have launched a website designed to help consumers save money when they choose a natural gas or electricity provider.