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Opponents of a bill that would ban local restrictions on pet stores say state lawmakers shouldn't pass that legislation. 

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An Ohio Senate panel has scrapped a controversial amendment removing local control over sales of dogs at pet stores.


The Ohio Senate is debating what to do with an amendment about local control over pet sales that's attached to a tax bill.

An Ohio Senate committee has added an amendment to a tax cleanup bill that would override local ordinances regulating pet stores.

The pet store chain Petland says it will sue Grove City over a newly-passed ordinance restricting the sale of dogs from puppy mills.

The City Council in Grove City last night approved legislation prohibiting pet stores from selling dogs from puppy mills. 


The City Council in Grove City is considering a ban on sales from puppy mills.

An Ohio House committee has passed a bill that would put restrictions on puppy mills in Ohio. As Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, there is mixed reaction to the legislation.