Franklin County Sheriff's Office

A Columbus man will spend the next nine years in prison for live-streaming a sexual assault. 

The Columbus man charged with raping four women in 2014 will serve probation on abduction charges in a deal with prosecutors.

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Columbus police say they have arrested one suspect in a series of rapes on the west side.

WCBE Files

Columbus Police are investigating whether a series of rapes on the west side are connected.

The Ohio House has passed a bill to extend the time period for prosecuting rape and sexual battery to 25 years after the crime. 

The Ohio Senate has passed a bill to let rape victims request that a court terminate or deny offenders' parental rights over a child conceived as a result of an attack. 

Two Democratic Senators have introduced a bill to ensure that sexual offenders would not have parental rights if their victims choose to keep or adopt out babies conceived in rapes.