Red Light Cameras

The Ohio Supreme Court has again upheld cities' use of traffic camera enforcement systems, striking down as unconstitutional legislative restrictions including requiring a police officer to be present.

State lawmakers are again trying to create new rules for how communities may use traffic enforcement cameras, especially smaller ones that make a large percentage of their revenue from citations.

Dayton city officials plan to resume using traffic enforcement cameras, two years after they killed the systems to comply with state law.

The 2nd Ohio District Court of Appeals has rejected the city of Springfield's challenge to restrictions on traffic camera enforcement that include requiring a police officer to be present.

New documents released by the City of Columbus show money was a motivator in the creation of the city's red light camera program. 

Coalition Fights Proposed Traffic Camera Ban

Nov 14, 2013

Supporters of red light cameras are mobilizing opposition against a ban on the technology.

A Franklin County judge is being asked to shut down Columbus' traffic enforcement cameras.

Statewide Ban On Red Light Cameras Proposed

Apr 16, 2013

Columbus is one of 13 Ohio cities and villages that use cameras to catch speeders or motorists who run red lights.

The city of Columbus collected 2.1 million dollars in fines from its red light camera program last year.