Richard Vedder

Mixed Reaction To Balanced Budget Amendment

Nov 26, 2013

State officials yesterday celebrated the signing of a resolution directed at their colleagues in Washington.

State officials gathered in Lima Monday as the Governor signed a resolution asking Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment or allow the states to call a constitutional convention.

Study Paints Poor Picture Of Ohio Economy

Sep 3, 2013

A study by a progressive-leaning think tank shows Ohio continues to have high rates of unemployment and low wages.

Proposal Trades Free Tuition For Percentage Of Later Earnings

Jul 17, 2013

Some Ohio students could get a deal that would let them free tuition to public universities in exchange for paying a small part of their future salaries back to the state.

Different Views On Record Ohio Rainy Day Fund Balance

Jul 15, 2013

The state has put a record level of savings in rainy day fund.

Popular Ohio Tax Witness Paid By Conservative Trust

May 10, 2013

An Associated Press review of records shows a favorite witness on Ohio tax and economic issues who's relied upon for his objectivity draws a hefty stipend from a conservative trust fund.