Ronald Phillips

The state has scheduled a December 1 clemency hearing for the first inmate scheduled for execution next year with a new lethal injection cocktail.

The Ohio Attorney General's office says the state plans to carry out at least three executions next year with a new three-drug lethal injection combination.


The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections says it's dropping the two-drug lethal injection cocktail used to execute an inmate last year during which he repeatedly gasped and snorted. 


A death row inmate seeking to donate a kidney to his mother before his execution is requesting another reprieve.

Judge Orders Delay Of Two Lethal Injections

May 29, 2014

A federal judge has ordered a temporary halt to capital punishment in Ohio, meaning a delay in the next two scheduled executions.

Governor John Kasich has issued a temporary stay of execution for a convicted killer scheduled to die tomorrow, in order to study his request to donate organs to his ailing mother and sister.

Two decisions announced on Thursday mean that next week, Ohio will once again become the first state to use an untested execution method.

Death Row Inmate Challenging Use Of New Lethal Injection Drugs

Oct 29, 2013

A death row inmate is asking a federal judge to delay his upcoming execution while he fights the state's newly announced lethal injection process.

Parole Board Rejects Clemency For Phillips

Oct 25, 2013

The Ohio Parole Board has recommended against clemency for a death row inmate facing execution on November 14th.