sales tax expansion

Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

State lawmakers and policy advocates are sounding off in response to Governor John Kasich’s proposal to cut income taxes while increasing other taxes to pay for those tax cuts.

Amstuz Proposes Income Tax Cut

Mar 26, 2013

Republican Ohio House Finance Committee Chair Ron Amstutz says a proposal from GOP Governor John Kasich to expand the state sales tax is dead.

Ohio lawmakers appear to be at an impasse on Governor John Kasich's proposal to cut the state income tax and broaden the sales tax to cover dozens of services.

Former Tax Commissioner Talks About Sales Tax Plan

Mar 8, 2013

Some Ohio lawmakers continue to hear testimony opposing Governor John Kasich’s proposal to apply a 5 percent state sales tax and local piggy-back taxes to 80 goods and services.

Bar Association Opposes Sales Tax Expansion

Mar 1, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich is pushing a broadening of the sales tax base to raise money for a major state income tax cut.

Kasich's Proposed Income Tax Cut Balanced By Sales Tax Expansion

Feb 5, 2013

Governor John Kasich is pushing a 1.4 billion dollar net tax cut for Ohioans over the next 3 years, a move he says would attract more companies and their jobs. It would come in the form of a huge cut in the graduated state INCOME tax. But, at the same time, a reduced 5 per cent state SALES tax would be applied to many services that are now UN-taxed. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports on who would pay MORE for that.