Secretary of State Jon Husted

Dems Question Husted's Voter Suppression Report

Jun 6, 2013

Two Democratic state lawmakers are questioning a review by local county election boards of 135 instances of voter suppression during the 2012 presidential election.

Secretary of State Discounts Stories of Widespread Voter Fraud

May 23, 2013

Voter fraud is an issue that’s talked about a lot around election time but Ohio’s top elections official says it’s not a big problem in the state.

Legislative Democrats say Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has not complied with provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 involving the handling of provisional ballots.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is appealing a federal district judge's

Husted Says Stop Exaggerating Voting Problems

Nov 9, 2012

Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is telling Democrats and Republicans to stop exaggerating problems with the election process and rules.

Absentee ballots are going out

Oct 1, 2012

Nearly a million Ohioans have returned absentee ballot request forms, asking for paper ballots from county boards of elections. And for those who’d like to cast a ballot early in person, voting starts tomorrow/today (Tuesday October 2nd) at locations specified by local boards of elections. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles says Ohio’s top elections official thinks early voting is looking good so  far.

Jo Ingles OPR

Ohio’s top elections official, Jon Husted, is getting failing marks from a group that says it is representing the rights of Ohio voters. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles has more on the story.