State Auditor David Yost


Republican State Auditor David Yost says a now-closed Dayton charter school called General Chappie James Leadership Academy padded its rolls by nearly half and improperly collected 1.1 million dollars in tax money.

The possibility of a state constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana and create 10 official growing sites has critics saying it's time to change the way amendments are brought to voters.


State Auditor David Yost says he wants to make it harder to amend Ohio's constitution through ballot initiatives that provide economic benefits to few individuals or create monopolies.   


A Democratic state lawmaker is blasting the Ohio Department of Education for an anonymous e-mail about attendance at an online charter school, but another is holding back. 

Two state lawmakers have referred to the state auditor's office allegations an online charter school failed to disenroll hundreds of chronically truant students in order to pad its rolls.


Central Ohio educators are getting bills from the state for the teaching money that they pocketed.

State Auditor David Yost is recommending an increase in the cost of fishing and hunting permits to boost yearly revenue for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

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Four state officeholders discussed their positions on various issues Thursday during an Associated Press forum. 

Ohio Public Radio

Republican State Auditor David Yost says unannounced attendance checks at 30 charter schools shows 25 percent of them have significant cases of under-attendance.

Ohio Department of Education officials say they have forwarded allegations of sexual misconduct, test tampering and other possible criminal misdeeds at a Dayton charter school to Montgomery County Children Services and Dayton police.

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In his official report on the data scrubbing scandal in Columbus City Schools, State auditor David Yost says the district deliberately - and possibly criminally - changed grades, erased absences, and manipulated enrollment figures in order to make the district look better. 

Later this morning, State Auditor David Yost is scheduled to release the findings of his 18-month investigation into attendance data fixing in the Columbus City Schools.

CCS To Launch Whistleblower Hotline

Jan 24, 2014

The Columbus City Schools will introduce a hotline by the first of March, allowing employees to anonymously report wrongdoing by phone or online.

ODE Begins Issuing Reports On Data Scrubbing Investigations

Jan 13, 2014

Ohio education officials have confirmed seven of eight school districts identified by the state auditor improperly reported attendance data or engaged in other questionable practices.

Around the state, public schools are counting heads this week  to  help determine how much state funding districts will receive.

Fairfield County's Clerk of Courts and her husband are free on bond after appearing in court yesterday.

Yost Finds Sunshine Law Compliance Issues

Sep 13, 2013

State Auditor David Yost says a test of 20 counties and cities shows 40 percent are not fully following Ohio’s Sunshine Law.

Carney To Challenge Yost

Sep 10, 2013

Democratic State Representative John Carney is expected today to formally announce his plans to challenge Republican State Auditor David Yost in 2014.

Taxpayers are being asked to cover the costs of the investigation of the Columbus City Schools' data rigging scandal.

Yost Praises CCS Internal Auditor

Jun 4, 2013

State Auditor David Yost says data scrubbing in the Columbus City Schools painted a false picture of district accomplishments, and may have cheated some students out of the chance for charter school vouchers or federally subsidized tutoring.

State Auditor David Yost yesterday made his first public comments about the newly-passed measure that blocks his authority to audit JobsOhio.

Yost Gets Backing Of Senate Democrats

May 31, 2013

A day after a measure blocking the Republican State Auditor from auditing Governor John Kasich's private job creation entity JobsOhio passed the Ohio House, Auditor David Yost got some support from members of the opposition party in the Senate.

State Approves Enrollment Data Fixes

May 28, 2013

Ohio schools that reportedly had errors in certain enrollment data have gotten state approval of plans to fix the issues.

Yost Proposes ODOT Cost Cutting Measures

May 9, 2013

Cutting its annual mowing schedule from four to three times could save the Ohio Department of Transportation millions, according to a study by State Auditor Dave Yost.

Cupp's Job Raising Ethical Questions

May 7, 2013

Former Republican Ohio Supreme Court Justice Robert Cupp's new job is raising ethical issues in the legal battle over GOP Governor John Kasich's nonprofit job-creation agency JobsOhio.

Cops Seize CCS Records

May 2, 2013

Columbus Police officers this morning seized records wanted by the state auditor as part of his probe of the Columbus City Schools' attendance data tampering scandal, and his probe of alleged grade changing at Linden-McKinley High School.

Update: State Audit Finds Faults In Columbus City Schools

Apr 4, 2013

Ohio’s Auditor has released an audit on the Columbus City School district and the findings are not good news.

The annual state audit of the Columbus City Schools is a mix of good and bad news.

JobsOhio Complies With Subpoena

Mar 19, 2013

Ohio's private non-profit job creation agency says it complied with the subpoena issued by State Auditor David Yost to turn over its private financial records.

Yost Wants To Audit JobsOhio

Mar 8, 2013

Many Democrats in the state legislature have been raising questions about public money put into the state's private non profit jobs development corporation, JobsOhio.