State Controlling Board

Newark Advocate

The State Controlling Board has approved spending nearly 8.4 million dollars for design work for replacing the deteriorating dam at Buckeye Lake.

The Ohio Court of Claims has ruled a Cleveland man will receive just over 1 million dollars from the state for wrongfully imprisoning him for 39 years. 

The State Controlling Board has approved an Ohio Lottery plan to spend 22.5 million dollars on 12 hundred new electronic raffle machines for veterans' posts and fraternal organizations.

Controlling Board Approves Medicaid Expansion

Oct 22, 2013

The State Controlling Board has approved expanding Medicaid to cover thousands more low-income Ohioans.

Kasich Moving Ahead On Plan To Expand Medicaid

Oct 11, 2013

An expansion of Medicaid in Ohio could hinge on approval from a little known, but powerful state panel.

Declining Lottery Sales Concern State Controlling Board

Jun 11, 2013

Ohio Lottery officials are asking the State Controlling Board to renew the  contract with the company hired to operate the lottery, despite a decline in sales this year. 

The continuing questions surrounding transparency at Governor John Kasich's job-creating entity JobsOhio came up again in a routine meeting Monday that ended with a statement that shocked many observers.

Thousands of Ohio college students are soon going to get paid internships or co-op jobs, thanks to a new infusion of government money.