Swine Flu

The Ohio Department of Agriculture says nearly 50 hogs at the Franklin County fair were removed for slaughter Wednesday after at least two animals tested positive for swine flu.

State officials say two children became ill with a new version of the swine flu virus after being in contact with infected pigs at the Clark County Fair in late July.

The Centers for Disease Control says more than two-thirds of those hospitalized after contracting the swine flu virus at county fairs were from Ohio.

Number of Ohio swine flu cases doubles

Aug 8, 2012

The number of confirmed Ohio swine flu cases has doubled to 30, and health officials say the people affected had direct contact with hogs at fairs.

The outbreak of swine flu among several dozen people who attended the Butler County Fair last week has been linked to a similar outbreak in Indiana. Health officials say up to 41 people, nearly all of them children, have become sick with symptoms similar to those of a swine flu strain. The southwest Ohio cases are linked to the Butler County Fair, which ended last weekend.