Texting While Driving

If you're reading this on your phone while driving, stop it. Especially if you're a young neurotic extroverted guy who drives a lot.

Two seconds of attention to the insistent beeping and blinking of our mobile phones or simply changing the radio station accounts for at least 12 percent of car accidents worldwide and 14 percent of them in the U.S., according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

The State Highway Patrol says more than 270 citations have been given to drivers for texting or using a cellphone behind the wheel in violation of Ohio law since the statewide texting ban took effect about a year ago. 

An Ohio State University study shows walking and texting is nearly as dangerous as texting and driving.

A six month grace period has ended, and the Ohio law banning texting-while-driving takes full effect today.

Billboards sponsored by Triple-A are reminding drivers about the state's new ban on texting while driving.

Upper Arlington City Council last night approved a measure banning texting while driving.

Ohio's ban on texting while driving takes effect today.

A state law passed in the spring takes effect on Friday, making Ohio the 39th state to ban texting while driving.