The Ohio Supreme Court has again sided with cities in a dispute with the state over traffic enforcement cameras.

The City of Toledo is joining several other Ohio cities and counties in suing prescription drugmakers and distributors.

The 6th Ohio District Court of Appeals has upheld the City of Toledo's right to use traffic enforcement cameras, though the issue is headed for the state's Supreme Court.

Toledo Blade

A legal challenge has been launched against part of a recently adopted ordinance in Toledo abolishing jail terms and fines for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

Toledo Blade

A decision to keep making Jeep Wranglers out of steel could lead to Chrysler keeping its plant in Toledo.

A Montgomery County judge has ruled new state restrictions on municipal traffic enforcement camera programs violate the Ohio constitution, granting the city of Dayton a permanent order blocking them.

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Funeral services have been scheduled for Democrat Jack Ford, a former state lawmaker, Toledo Mayor and city council member. 

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A judge has temporarily blocked a new state law sharply restricting cities use of traffic enforcement cameras. 

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Toledo Democrat Jack Ford, a council member and former mayor and state lawmaker known for encouraging political newcomers in whom he saw potential, has died.


Chrysler may be moving Jeep production out of Toledo.

Toledo Blade

The city of Toledo is spending nearly 2 million additional dollars this summer on chemicals to neutralize algae toxins at the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant.

City of Toledo

The man in charge of Toledo's troubled water treatment plant is stepping down.

Toledo Crisis Prompts Debate On Algae In Public Water System

Aug 15, 2014
Ohio Public Radio

Debate continues on how to best cut down on how to cut down on toxins from algae blooms that get into public water systems.

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency officials are setting aside 1 million dollars for new drinking water testing equipment and training for city water operators, in the wake of the recent drinking water ban in Toledo.

State of Ohio

The Ohio EPA warned Toledo city leaders months ago the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant was vulnerable to potential failures.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The worry over another water emergency along Lake Erie is far from over.

AG Investigating Bottled Water Price Gouging In Toledo

Aug 5, 2014

Toledo Mayor Michael Collins has lifted the water ban put in place because of toxins from algae that contaminated Lake Erie.

Toledo Mayor Michael Collins this morning lifted the water ban that left 400,000 Ohio and Michigan residents scrambling for water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

The last abortion clinic in Toledo could be shut down by the state soon. 

General Motors says it will invest more than a billion-dollars in five of its factories, including one in Toledo.

POTUS Stumps In Toledo

Sep 4, 2012

President Obama told a Labor Day crowd in Toledo that Ohio Governor John Kasich's remarks about the state's improved economy at last week's Republican National Convention does not mesh with the message of others in the party.