U.S. Route 33

The Ohio Department of Transportation plans to fill the abandoned coal mine that's causing U.S. Route 33 in southeast Ohio to sag.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says more than 350 million dollars in road construction projects are scheduled to begin this year in central Ohio.

Madison Township Crash Claims One Life

Dec 16, 2014

Franklin County Sheriff's deputies say a 63-year-old man was killed last night in a head-on collision on U.S. Route 33 in Madison Township.

Abandoned Coal Mine Void Could Harm Roadway

Aug 26, 2014

State transportation officials believe a section of U.S. Route 33 in Nelsonville is sagging because of abandoned coal mine space beneath the road, and they're trying to pinpoint the problem areas.

Nelsonville Bypass Opens

Oct 1, 2013

State transportation officials today opened a new U.S. Route 33 bypass around Nelsonville that cuts through the Wayne National Forest.