Vice President Joe Biden


A local cancer expert says he's hopeful about the new "Moonshot" initiative to find a cure.

VPOTUS Talks Infrastructure In Cincinnati

Jul 25, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden told the National Urban League Conference in Cincinnati yesterday the Obama administration is committed to job training and infrastructure repair.

VPOTUS Touts Infrastructure During Cleveland Speech

May 15, 2014

The U.S. Highway Trust Fund is running low and may start cutting back on reimbursements to states for transportation construction costs as early as this summer.

VPOTUS Touts Infrastructure During Ohio Visit

Nov 7, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden says investing in the nation's railways, ports, and highways will retain and create manufacturing jobs and bolster the middle class. 

VPOTUS Stumps In Marion

Oct 25, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in Marion yesterday.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are scheduled to appear today at a campaign rally in Dayton.