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Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is reminding residents today is the last day to register to vote in the May primary. 

Ohio Public Radio

A Democratic state lawmaker is pushing to overhaul the voter registration system by allowing people to opt out of registering to vote rather than opting in.

Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted plans to alert nearly two million people they aren’t registered to vote or that they need to update their voter information.

Monday is the deadline to register to vote in Ohio's fall election. Ohioans also have until Monday to update their voter information. 

Two proposals in the Legislature would allow Ohioans to register to vote online.

Ohioans Hazy About Voting Process

Oct 15, 2014

A new poll shows most Ohio voters don't know a lot about how elections are run in the state.

Voter Registration Deadline Approaching

Oct 1, 2014

The voter registration deadline for the November election is Monday.

Today marks the deadline to register for the November 5 general election.

Political campaigns and community organizers are making their final push to register people to vote today, the last day of registration.

A national group that’s pushed to purge voter rolls in other states wants to do the same in Ohio. And as Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, the group says it plans to file a court suit to make sure that happens before the November election.