Monday is the deadline for Ohioans to register to vote for the May 5 primary and special election. 

A federal judge has ruled that voters arrested and jailed the weekend before Election Day must be given a chance to cast an absentee ballot. 

Ohio Public Radio

A group of conservative Ohio lawmakers thinks it’s time the legislature pass a bill under consideration that would require voters to show a valid driver’s license or state issued photo i.d. before they can cast a ballot. 

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is challenging his fellow Republicans in the Legislature for inaction on several fronts – including redistricting and on-line voter registration. 

Several Bills In Play As Big Election Approaches

Nov 25, 2013

Republicans and Democrats at the Statehouse are battling over bills that could change laws covering voting.

If you want to register to vote in Ohio, you need to go to your local election board to do that. But there’s a bill in the Ohio legislature that would allow Ohioans to register to vote online.

Unofficial results show voters rejected about two-thirds of the 19 school tax issues in special elections around Ohio.