Worthington Industries

U.S. House of Representatives

Republican Congressman Steve Stivers of Columbus recently reintroduced his measure changing the materials used to make U.S. coins.

Democrats Want Closer Scrutiny Of Tax Credit Recipients

Aug 19, 2013

Democrats are continuing to sound off about a recent report that Columbus-based Worthington Industries received more than 600-thousand dollars worth of state tax credits under Governor John Kasich, who received a salary as a board member and deferred compensation payouts from that company.

Local Kasich Supporter Got State Tax Breaks

Aug 15, 2013

Two subsidiaries of Columbus-based Worthington Industries - which helped sustain Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich's political career and contributed to his personal bank account - have received tax breaks worth more than 619 thousand dollars.

Romney Stumps In Central Ohio

Oct 26, 2012

With polls showing him trailing President Obama in Ohio, Republican challenger Mitt Romney made 3 campaign stops in the state on Thursday, including a stop at Worthington industries.