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 Religion with Dr. Stephen Kern   

These days, talk of religion feels like a battleground—but it does not have to be. Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddist, Agnostic and everything in between, talking religion as it has evolved throughout history is a conversation that everyone can share and build on. Join Dr. Stephen Kern and me as we discuss religion, spirituality and the intertwined nature of the two as they have moved through history. 

 Grit with Claire Coder

In today’s corporate world, we are too busy to search for our free time and, consequently, become complacent with inadequacy. Grit is now a necessity in life—especially if you plan to swim in the pool of little time and strenuous tasks. But can grit be created or is it a born trait? Tune in to hear from Claire Coder about fostering grit in today’s society.

True grit

Designing withe Celeste Malvar Stewart 

Wake up! It is time to stop sleepwalking through life and design your future. Regardless of what kind of style you are into, find a way to craft your life around your future goals and run with it. Tune in to learn from Celeste Malvar Stewart about how her career in design helped her create a life for herself full of color.

Composing with RJD2

Orchestrate your life with the main act as your passion. Your passion is only as strong as your drive to fulfill it. However, procrastination, lack of motivation and little enthusiasm are barriers impeding on our ability to pursue our passions. Tune in to learn from songwriter/producer RJD2 about how he regained control of his life, found his beat and composed it.  

   Sexual Health with Harley Dean

In light of the recent sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and others in the entertainment industry, we are re-airing a very important You Inc. that was first released almost exactly one year ago. This was the first time our guest, Harley Dean shared her personal experience of being raped by a group of men and road to reclaiming her sexual health. To Harley and all the brave women on the path to recovery and reclaiming—this one is for you. 

Siblings with Kelly & Rhiannon Mehring

Last week you tuned in to learn the power of dynamic duos. And when blood runs thicker than water, success is a continuous flow. This week, sisters Kelly and Rhiannon Mehring, business partners in their yoga studio Mat Happy show us how to release grudges to work towards a common goal together.  

 Siblings with Ram & Shyam Rajadhyaksha

They tease you and teach you, love you and loathe you; they are your best friend and your enemy. Your parents may have raised you, but it is your brothers and sisters who really shape you. Break the ‘sibling rivalry’ myth by tuning in to hear how Ram and Shyam Rajadhyaksha, successful business partners and siblings created a bond as strong as their business.   

One Year Anniversary Special: Gratitude 

This week is a special one as we are celebrating our one year anniversary with a focus on gratitude. As your host, I, Ria Greiff, am grateful for all of the incredible listeners who have tuned in with us every week to build their brand. A group just as important to be thankful for are the incredible guests we have had the privilege of hosting and, to celebrate, please join me in enjoying clips from some of our favorites throughout the course of our inaugural year. 

Business, Biking & More with Brand Consultant and Avid Cyclist Scott Razek

We all remember the first time we tried to ride a bike. Many fell, while, for others, it was a smooth ride. Nonetheless, our drive to get back on kept us going--- so why do we spend so much time now spinning our wheels when we could be on the ride of our life? This week, Scott Razek Pillar technologies brand ambassador and Master Pelatonian who sometimes rubs shoulders with glamorous Angels, Shares his trade secrets. 

Gardening for Good with Growing to Green Program Coordinator Bill Dawson

You have been tuning in every Saturday and Thursday to grow your brand, but we are constantly growing. While we may wish some parts of us could grow quicker than others--such as our bank accounts-- growth is the most basic function of human life. This week, Bill Dawson tells us about how his grew through growing-- literally-- and how a 20-year-old boxwood saved his life. 

Asking About Addiction with Photographer Extraordinaire Will Shivley

Sometimes the easiest way to find substance in life involves turning to substances.You are not alone. Several other working people are struggling with substance use and abuse while looking for a remedy. The solution to substance abuse may be easier than it looks. Tune in to hear from Will Shively about how he turned to capturing substances during a tough time in his life and how he found a love for photography to be his substance of choice. 

Halloween Special with Misfortune Enterprise Founder Bucky Cutright

Critical thinking and the scientific method have lead to major scientific breakthroughs including cures to fatal diseases. These same tools can help you cure the ills in your own life. For Becky Cutwright, Misfortune Productions founder, this meant learning how curating human experience can make for the best—and spookiest—programs. This week, Bucky Cutright joins us for a super spooky Halloween special to tell the story of the vampire named James Brown.  

Chatting About Change with Talk Show Host and Media Personality Johnny DiLoretto

What if we told you change was not a loss—but a replacement? While many fear the unknown result of change, categorizing our losses into categories that leave room for gain can help us conceptualize change and tackle it face on. Aren’t convinced? Hear from our very own WCBE community relations liason, Johnny Diloretto this week as he shares his journey hurdling through multimedia. 

 LIVE at Comfest and Burning Man

Get out of your house and indulge in your community. After all, the best way to build your brand is by engaging with those around you and what better way to do so than at the community festival? We’ll meet you there! This week, we go LIVE at Comfest with our very own Jim Coe and with playa name O-Man Burning man to find that sweet moment of living. 

Inclusion with Katie Smith

We are the same humans as we were 50,000 years ago, why should we treat each other any differently on the basis of how we look? Inclusion is key to success in any business, sport or, in general life. This week, we will revisit a talk we had with Katie Smith, Lady Buckeye, Olympian, and Pro Ball coach to tell us about her all-inclusive shopping trip abroad. 

 Capturing Creativity with Jami Goldstein

Children go from being 90% highly creative at age 5 to only 10% highly creative by age 7. It’s time to get that creativity back. This week, we will be revisiting one of our favorites with Jami Goldstein vice president of Marketing, Communications & Events, for the Greater Columbus Arts Council share bombasticly creative visions.

Dream Baby Dream-Suicide: 4:40-5:40

The Gift of Giving with Josh Miller

Give time, give kindness, give feedback and give a stranger meaning by helping in any way you can. Giving is the key to meaning in life. And, as you may notice, we are giving you the gift of re-visiting this pilot episode with a new YouTune to accompany it. Listen as special guest Josh Miller talks through his experience with giving as he single handedly created a tradition of giving underprivileged children the chance to experience filed trips. 

Dreams with Cheryl Harrison

Let’s make your dreams come true this week and revisit an oldy but goody episode from the very first week You Inc. began airing. Now, if you’ve been listening since the beginning you may recognize Cheryl Harrison, expert blogger and founder and editor of the Columbus boozing blog Drink Up Columbus. If not, be sure to tune in to learn how Cheryl Harrison made her dreams come true and how you can do the same.

New Points of View with Pam Popper

A twig, a magician's wand or a drummers stick-- we all view the world in different ways.  Join Ria as she talks about how looking at life from various points of view can help improve your outlook on life and impact the way you approach obstacles.  Listen to Pam Popper, bestselling author and nutritionist, discuss ways to utilize new points of view.

Manifesting Satisfaction with Lynette and Jim Vaive

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to listen to others. Join Ria in learning how we can manifest satisfaction through listening, engaging and responding to the world around us and people we surround ourselves with. Listen to Everyday People Ministries' Lynette and Jim Vaive discuss how important it is to find your own voice and create satisfaction.

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Sharing Experiences with Eric McGraw

There are those who are book smart, those who are street smart, but we can all practice being culturally smart or cultural intelligence.  An openness to new experiences and ways of life is a great tool to help build your brand and expand your mind.  Listen to Eric McGraw, owner of Laonei Global Trade Consulting, discuss how xenophilia has helped him succeed.

Episode Six:  How to be Voracious About Your Values

Value management is the ability to devour our temporal obligations in order to make time for what is important.  We have multitudes vying for our attention, and, in order to properly allot time for the things we care about, we must learn to properly prioritize.  At 9:01 this Thursday night, listen to Ria discuss how becoming voracious with your values could be a great tool for your brand on Central Ohio’s NPR Station, 90.5 WCBE.  

Understanding Generational Differences with Artie Isaac

For Artie Isaac, skilled public speaker and motivator, communication comes—in large part—by listening. Learn how to understand generational differences by expanding your mind to elasticity. There are so many perspectives in the world across generations that we can all learn something from listening to one another.

Sparking Simplicity with StoryTeller Larry Smith

Channel your inner Ernest Hemingway and limit the word-count of your life. Can you limit your life description to only six words? Build your brand with Larry Smith, creator of Smith Magazine and the Six Word Memoir project by learning how to simplify your life and truly find what really matters.

Open to Optimism with Executive Director and Emmy Award Winner John Daugherty

When you open your arms to optimism you may find yourself holding an Emmy—at least that is what happened to John Daugherty. Learn how to change your lifestyle by choosing positivity from Daughtery as he discusses how openness to optimism helped him succeed.

How to Fiddle with Fear with Storytelling Pro & Entrepreneur Leaper David All

Your fear may be your friend if you learn how to confront it. Tune in to David All, professional storyteller and successful entrepreneur as he guides you through how to not only harness fear but confront it.

The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

Dual Career Relationships with April and Kyle Katz

While the number of texts, calls and emails you receive from work may make it feel like another relationship, it is important to not let it get in the way of the relationships that matter most to you. Learn from April Zimmerman Katz and her husband, Kyle Katz about how to find a time balance between both of your careers and your love life to foster a healthy, happy dual relationship.

Finding Spunk in Sexual Health with Harley Dean

Let's talk sexual health. Adult star turned humanitarian, Harley Dean addresses the importance of sexual health towards building your confidence and brand. Learn how spunking up this important part of your well-being can improve your mentality and lead to a healthier you. 



Episode Thirteen:  Dual Career Relationships


While your career may remedy future investments—you must take time to invest in the present people in your life. And you can have it all. Tune in to learn about how to best allocate your time by prioritizing the relationships most dear to you. At 9:01 this Thursday night, listen to Ria explain how properly prioritizing can be an extremely useful tool for your brand on Central Ohio’s NPR Station, 90.5 WCBE.

Episode Twelve: Factor in Some Facets of Multiplicity

Sometimes it is okay to slash one of the slashes. Having multiple roles in your life is the new “norm” and while it is important to be a well-rounded person, some roles are not worth keeping. Tune in to learn more about how to slash the slashes that you don’t need in life.  At 9:01 this Thursday night, listen to Ria explain why factoring in some facets of multiplicity is an important tool for your brand on Central Ohio’s NPR Station, 90.5 WCBE.