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As Washington Gears Up To Tackle Foreign Influence, How Effective Can It Be?

America's top spies say to expect more interference in the 2018 elections , but politicians may not have much defense against one of the most potent weapons — their own inboxes. Russia's campaign of active measures against the United States in 2016 involved a broad and interlocking array of attacks, both overt and clandestine, ranging from social media agitation to active outreach by human operatives. Russian cyber-operatives also stole millions of email messages from scores of targets and...

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Does A Larger Role For Midwives Mean Better Care?

1 minute ago

In Great Britain, midwives deliver half of all babies, including Kate Middleton's first two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

No immediate relief is in sight for a swathe of the Midwest where heavy rain, melting snow and rising rivers have shuttered schools, closed roads and prompted several evacuations.

Tens of thousands of years ago, the first artists painted images on the walls of caves. They collected, painted and ground holes in shells, presumably to wear. It was the very first art, created by what we call "modern humans," or Homo sapiens.

SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon 9 rocket Thursday morning.

But the hard part came next: trying to catch the rocket's falling nose cone with a big net on a ship in the ocean.

Wait, what?

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The Federal Communications Commission is slated to officially take current net neutrality rules off the books on April 23. The agency took the requisite formal step of publishing the rules on Thursday, and lawsuits are on tap from a number of state attorneys general and advocacy groups.

A quarter of a million Americans die every year from sepsis, which is the body's reaction to overwhelming infection. This cascade of organ failure can be nipped in the bud if health care workers know it's ramping up, but that's often not easy to do.

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Just over a week after 17 people were killed at Parkland, Fla., high school, National Rifle Association executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre gave a fiery, defiant speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, on Thursday in Washington, D.C. LaPierre defended Second Amendment rights and warned of a "socialist agenda" intended to strip firearms away from law-abiding citizens.

The blind have descended in droves on the Bisidimo Hospital in Eastern Ethiopia.

The Himalayan Cataract Project is hosting a mass cataract surgery campaign at the medical compound that used to be a leper colony. For one week a team from the nonprofit has set up seven operating tables in four operating rooms and they're offering free cataract surgery to anyone who needs it.

On the first day of the campaign it's clear that the need is great.


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