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Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

After nearly 20 years of trying, backers of a bill to legalize medical marijuana are celebrating it's historic passage by the Ohio legislature.
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Members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus want references to slavery removed from the state's constitution.


Former Whetstone High School principal Amy Dennis, who is implicated in the Columbus City Schools' attendance data-fixing scandal, has agreed not to re-obtain her state licenses.

Ohio Public Radio

State lawmakers approved a slew of measures yesterday before leaving for summer break.

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio Senate has approved a measure requiring hospitals and abortion providers to cremate or bury fetal remains.

Ohio Public Radio

After nearly 20 years of trying, backers of a bill to legalize medical marijuana are celebrating it's historic passage by the Ohio legislature.

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President Obama wraps up a week-long Asia trip on Friday with a historic visit to Hiroshima, Japan. Obama will be the first sitting president to visit the city synonymous with the deadly nuclear age that began there more than seven decades ago.

Obama said he plans to "honor all those who were lost in World War II and reaffirm our shared vision of a world without nuclear weapons."

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who will accompany Obama, told reporters the trip "will no doubt create further, powerful momentum" towards that goal.

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Here's a mystery found in a French cave. It appears that a group of Neanderthals walked into that cave about 176,000 years ago and started building something. Neanderthals were our closest living relatives but they weren't known as builders or cave explorers.

Scientists identify the forms as "constructions," but they can't figure out what they were for.


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Rising Seas Push Too Much Salt Into The Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades is a swampy wilderness the size of Delaware. In some places along the road in southern Florida, it looks like tall saw grass to the horizon, a prairie punctuated with a few twisted cypress trees. The sky is the palest blue.But beneath the surface a different story is unfolding. Because of climate change and sea level rise, the ocean is starting to seep into the swampland. If the invasion grows worse, it could drastically change the Everglades, and a way of life for...
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Sherman Alexie On His New Kids' Book And The Angst Of Being A 'Jr.'

Sherman Alexie's new children's book stars Thunder Boy Smith, a little boy who was named after his dad. "People call him Big Thunder," the boy says of his father. "That nickname is a storm filling up the sky. People call me Little Thunder. That nickname makes me sound like a burp or a fart." Over the course of Thunder Boy Jr., the boy emerges from his dad's shadow to become his own person.Alexie tells NPR's David Greene that he found inspiration for the book in a surprising place: his own...
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