weather en State Issues Safety Reminders With Extreme Cold <p><font face="ARIAL" size="3"><font face="ARIAL" size="3">State officials are urging residents to check on older adults who may have more difficulty adjusting to the extremely cold temperatures. Mon, 06 Jan 2014 15:43:33 +0000 Mike Foley & Associated Press 49111 at Thousands of Ohioans await power restoration <p>More than half a million Ohio homes and businesses have had their electric service restored in the wake of last Friday&#39;s windstorm, but that leaves about 131,000 still without power this afternoon. That&#39;s the word from Ohio&#39;s largest electric company, American Electric Power. Ohio Public Radio&#39;s Bill Cohen talked with some folks who are now in their seventh day without electricity. Thu, 05 Jul 2012 20:43:15 +0000 Ohio Public Radio & Bill Cohen 18359 at